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Stephen is a goal-oriented expert with an excellent reputation established across numerous industries and jurisdictions.

  • Role: Director, Business Development
  • Organization: Hussain Lootah & Associates
  • Industry: Legal

10+ years

Legal Expertise You
Can Trust

Post-Conference Outcomes

He Came, He Saw,
And He Won
20+ Contacts!

Collaboration Opportunities
  • He now has 20+ new business contacts at his disposal that will help him continue moving forward in his professional career.
  • Stephen was able to secure valuable advice and introductions that may not have otherwise been available.
  • He met a like-minded co-speaker and talks are in motion around a potential collaboration!

Numbers that matter!

  • 2000+ Record Breaking Footfall
  • 40+ Participating Countries
  • 35+ Partnerships
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Your Network Is Your Net Worth

The success of any conference lies in the number and quality of contacts it produces. Stephen Ranger is an example of someone who made full use of the time that he spent at our event!

At the start, his goal was to create worthwhile contacts through networking and mingling with fellow attendees. His hard work paid off; Stephen ended up making more than twenty contacts that were highly relevant to his industry. In addition, he struck up conversations with some attendees that lasted several hours – getting to know them better, sharing ideas and having constructive discussions. As a result of this, one of his co-speakers agreed to collaborate with him on future projects. Their interactions have opened up possibilities for working together on different ventures, which can lead to great outcomes for both parties.

We understand that business relationships can be formed between anyone at any time and are proud to provide such a vibrant environment to enable communication and connections amongst professionals across multiple industries.

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