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Scam & Fraud Alerts

Beware Of Fraudsters Posing As Representatives Of The Law 2.0 Conference

The Law 2.0 Conference was recently informed that requests for personally identifiable information and money were being circulated in its name through spammy websites, SMSes, and emails by scammers. These entities claim that they're from Law 2.0 Conference when they're not.

We take privacy seriously. That is why, we are keen to review such instances and warn the public at large about these fraudulent activities being perpetrated by scammers.

The conference and its officials would appreciate hearing of any fraudulent correspondence that claims to be from the summit or its officials. If you think a potential scammer is soliciting funds, please contact us immediately by emailing [email protected].

For your safety, here are some of the salient points you should keep in mind if you’re ever contacted by someone who claims to be associated with the Law 2.0 Conference:

  • Our Delegate Passes are non-refundable. So, if a stranger approaches you pretending to be from the conference and offers to sell you a pass with a 100% refund guarantee, consider it a scam and contact the Law 2.0 Conference team.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a Law 2.0 Conference Sponsor, please take into account that we don’t ask for money immediately. Instead, the team will arrange a video call so you can learn more about our Sponsorship Packages before making a choice.
  • Our Recognition Session’s selection process involves a background check of your work profile followed by an interview with the conference official(s). The Law 2.0 Conference’s Assessment Committee reviews and selects the finalists based on merit and the individual scores are shared with the respective candidates.
    So, do not accept an offer by a spammer who gives you a chance to earn an accolade in exchange for money; the Law 2.0 Conference does not operate like that.
  • If someone who isn't affiliated with the conference claims to be selling our Delegate Passes on social media, proceed with caution. Remember, this could be a scam as Law 2.0 Conference’s passes are non-transferable.
  • The Law 2.0 Conference does not offer gift vouchers. We will never ask you to buy an Amazon Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, money order, or any other type of tier one gift card as payment for our all-inclusive Delegate Pass.
  • We reviewed that a current scam involves fraudsters sending recipients fake coupon offers or malicious emails by impersonating Law 2.0 Conference’s team. They may use web addresses that are remarkably similar to the conference's domain name. Please double-check the sender’s name and refrain from clicking on links if the email address looks fishy or is riddled with grammatical errors.
  • If you are looking for additional information, always opt for Law 2.0 Conference’s official email addresses and phone numbers, which can be found here.

The Law 2.0 Conference’s team is working round the clock to flag scammers fraudsters, and spammers. But we won’t be able to succeed without your support. In order to protect yourself and your organization, you are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when dealing with such solicitations to avoid financial loss or identity theft.

For informational purposes only. Not an official press document.