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Henzie Healley is an accomplished and skilled common law-qualified lawyer with an aim to disrupt the provision of legal and corporate services all over the world.

  • Role: Managing Partner
  • Organization: The Counsel Services Limited
  • Industry: Legal

Since 2019

Handling Legal Matters

Post Conference Outcomes

  • Henzie Healley exchanged some business cards with about 10+ high-quality thought leaders.
  • She gained a whole new perspective and made her opinion heard on how women can make a mark in the legal industry
  • She is going to incorporate the perspectives from the keynotes into her organization's operations.

Let Our Numbers Do The Talking!

  • 2520+ Minutes Of Live Sessions
  • 50+ Participating Firms
  • 2 International Locations

Boost Your Legal Learning & Skills With Us

Henzie Healley shared that she attended the 2022 Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai with the intention to expand her legal expertise and knowledge. To her amazement, she had a great time at this 3-day legal conference full of engaging sessions. She also shared her thoughts as a panelist before the global audience on the subject, “Climbing The Corporate Ladder: Women In Law & Finance.”

Apart from learning and getting recognized at this legal conference, Henzie explored the networking and collaboration opportunities. She was able to make some 10+ valuable contacts with the pioneers of the industry.

Law 2.0 Conference — A Leading Platform For Global Luminaries

Henzie's business acumen has seen her reach remarkable success. She founded her legal consultancy in 2019, which has grown tremendously. After the de-merger, the firm was rebranded to The Counsel Services (TCS) and it continues to set new benchmarks for providing top-notch legal and corporate services.

Law 2.0 Conference aims to bring the industry’s trailblazers together under one roof to help them expand their knowledge and network. Like Henzie, if you want to meet the global leaders and upscale your legal expertise, Law 2.0 Conference’s Summer Edition awaits your presence!

Our upcoming edition strives to host the most innovative conference of its kind and provide attendees with actionable insights to make smarter legal decisions. If you want to experience comprehensive learning and incredible networking, join us at our upcoming event!

Dive Deeper Into The Legal World

Law 2.0 Conference offers its attendees with a global stage to share, exchange, and express views with the other incredible leaders of the industry.

Want To Join Us?

Reach us if you wish to be a part of a global community packed with thought leaders and innovators of the legal sector!