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Mark works at Dentons Rodyk as a lawyer, specializing in dispute resolution, arbitration, and litigation.

  • Role: Senior Partner
  • Organization: Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP
  • Industry: Legal

19+ years of Experience

Presence, Talent Experience That Is Unmatched In The Market

Post-Conference Outcomes

From New Relationships To Potential Partnerships, Mark Made The Most Of This Event!

Partnership Opportunities
  • Mark made an incredible 15+ potential contacts throughout the course of the three-day event.
  • As he follows up with these contacts, he is hoping to strengthen them even more and gain a greater professional edge.
  • He was particularly impressed by the event's personalized marketing campaigns that ultimately helped him meet the right people and spread his brand further.

Numbers that matter!

  • 672+ Leads Generated
  • 40+ Participating Countries
  • 300+ Law Firms
People Image

Mark Networked With Industry Leaders

It is hard to strike up a conversation with someone you have never met before. Law 2.0 Conference understands that, which is why you can find several sessions solely dedicated to profitable networking.

Mark Seah came to the conference to expand his network and expertise and accomplished both goals quite amazingly. He spoke to countless attorneys and professionals in the legal industry, exchanging business cards and engaging in meaningful conversations about current developments in the legal space.

Mark also found the Law 2.0 Conference's marketing campaigns to be very helpful in getting traction. Through an effective combination of email campaigns, social media postings, and interviews, he was able to reach a wide range of attendees and ensure a productive time at the event. Meaning, Law 2.0 Conference does not simply offer a platform but also gives you the tools you need to be seen and heard before, during, and after it wraps up!

Law 2.0 Conference: You Can Be Our Next Mark!

In addition to leveraging our growth opportunities, Mark was also a panelist who helped our attendees understand what the future of the legal world looks like. This session exposed him to hundreds of individuals interested in his insights. A Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk, he commands a strong practice in commercial litigation and international arbitration involving complex, high-value disputes. Thus, Law 2.0 Conference’s ballroom was filled with visionary experts like Mark, who had invaluable ideas, insights, and experiences worth sharing with the world. You, too can be a part of it!

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