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An Interdisciplinary Approach

Connecting Legal Experts
To The Right Money Makers

The intersection of law and finance is not always a straightforward topic. The different cultures, legal perspectives, and financial interests create a complex web of regulations, legislation, and business interests. That's why a networking summit encompassing law and finance is so important.

Law 2.0 Conference helps you discover how law and finance professionals can work together to navigate the similarities between the two disciplines successfully. Our upcoming edition strives to host the most forward-thinking conference of its kind, where we aspire to bring together leading voices from both worlds. Our goal is to provide attendees with actionable insights to make smarter legal and financial decisions when faced with similar situations in their organizations.

Who Should Attend

Help Your Firm Thrive

Gain knowledge of financial markets and understand ways to optimize your law firm in this exciting meeting of the minds of visionary industry leaders. The interactive sessions will be jam-packed with practical advice for law & finance professionals looking to up their game.

Who Should Attend

Gain Partners In Law & Finance

Connect with experts and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations looking for a reliable partner. At the Law 2.0 Conference, you'll find friends in law, accounting, scam prevention, finance, and banking who want to expand their practice areas.

Who Should Attend

Expand Your Career Options

Stay in the know about regulations and what they mean for your clients. The legal field needs more people with expertise in financial compliance and documentation, which can lead to more opportunities to advance your career in law. We hope to resolve this by getting experts under one roof.


About The Law 2.0 Conference

What We Do

The Law 2.0 Conference is one of the biggest in-person events that brings luminaries of the law and financial services world onto a global stage. Offering professionals the opportunity to learn from the best, it will take a deep dive into the emerging trends that will help attending firms dominate the current marketplace.

The noble professions of law and finance — which have always been labor-intensive and legacy-oriented — are on the brink of a revolution. To help professionals serve their clients better, we will discuss the implications of these innovations so that they can easily navigate these shifts and understand developments in their fields of expertise from a wider lens.

Attendees At-A-Glance

We take pride in hosting professionals from all spectrums of the law, corporate finance, and policymaking arenas. They will bring their incredible experiences, stories, and ideas to the Law 2.0 Conference’s upcoming editions in Las Vegas and Dubai.

Who Should Attend

CXOs & Managing Partners

This year, Law 2.0 Conference expects the presence of renowned names from top-tier firms of the legal and financial world. The conference will provide a 360-degree view of new cases being decided and new trends happening in both spaces. Attending this collision of law and finance event in the USA & Dubai will give you the latest information about latest reviews and updates to keep your business compliant and profitable.

Who Should Attend


To offer better legal aid to their clients and defend them in criminal and civil proceedings, attorneys must keep up with changing laws and new policies in their specialties. The Law 2.0 A-list of speakers with myriad finance and legal knowledge will elaborate on such critical information so that attorneys update their knowledge repository.

Who Should Attend

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts often need to understand the legal environment that their industry operates in. This is particularly true when analyzing and investing in publicly traded companies. At this legal conference, you'll get an insider's view of handling these situations and building stronger relationships.

Who Should Attend

Investors & VCs

Law 2.0 Conference helps you skyrocket your investment strategies by connecting with prominent venture capitalists. You get a chance to have a one-to-one conversation with them by participating in Q&As and networking sessions.

Who Should Attend


Law and economics intersect at many points, and at our legal event, economists will speak of the implications of market failures and policy interventions. If you want to better understand how to use economic principles to analyze legal systems, attend our upcoming attorney conference!

Who Should Attend

Full-Service Firms

Senior partners, presidents, and directors associated with financial services, wealth management, asset management, and LegalTech will make their presence felt at our upcoming international law conference. These dealmakers are considered legends for successfully sailing through mergers and acquisitions and a variety of high-stakes corporate litigation! This is your opportunity to connect with them.

Who Should Attend

IP Paralegals

Paralegals proficient in intellectual property laws will find the Law 2.0 Conference packed with valuable insights and takeaways that can help them to propel their careers to the next level. Get to know more about new provisions in trademark, patent, and copyright laws by mingling with experts.

Who Should Attend

Technology Vendors

The best thing about attending Law 2.0 Conference is that you get to interact with LegalTech & FinTech vendors. The conference gives you an opportunity to set up your exhibition booth and showcase the technological services you want to offer. It’s high time that you enhance and automate the use and delivery of financial and legal services.

Who Should Attend


Bearing in mind the intersections between policy and law, policymakers can be at a significant advantage when they keep a check on the latest developments in the legal world while working on budgets and drafting policies. If you are one of them, then the Law 2.0 Conference is where you need to be.


Legal 2.0 Conference - Partners

Media Partners

Key Takeaways

What’s In It For You?

With a dedicated exhibition space, networking events, and knowledge-packed sessions, every moment at the Law 2.0 Conference will leave you with novel experiences and learning opportunities.

Learn how to craft a winning legal argument from expert speakers, understand market shifts and new investment trends, and network with legal and financial services experts, all within three days. Whether you are an established veteran or fresh out of college, you are sure to find immense growth opportunities and meet with smart, award-winning leaders who are eager to grow and learn at our upcoming law and finance conferences in Las Vegas and Dubai.


Professional Growth

It’s time to open your mind to new perspectives and ideas! Our conference for professionals is filled to the brim with speaker sessions, case studies, fireside chats, and panel discussions to arm you with legal and money-related knowledge and help you enhance your skills.


1:1 Networking

They came, they saw, they networked! Team up with the brightest in the legal and finance world for professional guidance or to increase your chances of getting referrals. Possibilities open up at the Law 2.0 Conference when you begin conversations over coffee with fellow attendees.


Honoring Leaders

As one of the biggest international lawyers’ summits of 2023, the Law 2.0 Conference will applaud individuals and organizations who have exemplified excellence through their remarkable initiatives, pro bono work, and for their innovations in the arena of legal and financial services. This is your opportunity to raise your firm’s profile before stakeholders and be recognized on a global stage!

Legal 2.0 Conference, 2022 -
A Sneak-Peek

Within the course of three days, the Legal 2.0 Conference will give you a 360° view of innovations and ideas that are driving a revolution in the food industry. This is your chance to reach out to the smartest minds in the world of legal. We are walking the extra mile to curate a special experience for you. Watch this preview to know more!

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Here is a glimpse of our exhibitors and sponsors! The Law 2.0 Conference has turned from an idea into a reality because of the support of such wonderful organizations who are known in the industry for their state-of-the-art products and solutions.

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