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By bringing the global leaders of the legal world under one roof, Law 2.0 Conference aims to address the critical aspects of the industry. On this platform, our experts share their knowledge and expertise on subjects like IP law, real estate law, and legal ethics of social media while discussing the approaches to upscale your firm and boost your skills to stay ahead of your competitors.

Let’s also look at the novel strategies and approaches adopted by attorneys all over the world to detect and prevent oneself from falling into scams and fraud targeting them. Get ready to delve into the legal world with the Law 2.0 Conference in the USA in 2023!

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Intellectual Property


Intellectual property law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, and so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets. These laws aim to incentivize people to create work that benefits society while assuring they can profit from their work without fear of misappropriation by others.

Immigration & Naturalization


As federal and state immigration and naturalization policies continue to change, there is a massive impact on families, economies, and the courts. Lawyers in this area have been in high demand, while few look for ways to get a comprehensive view of immigration and naturalization laws. So, to learn about the latest policies, register for this 3-day attorney conference.

Real Estate


The roller coaster of the recent housing market is undoubtedly a struggle for many, which is why we have real estate attorneys at our upcoming lawyers' summit to address everything about real estate, from buying, using, developing, and renting to selling land and property. If you want more clarity on real estate laws, join us in the USA and Dubai.



As commercial laws regulate the conduct of individuals, merchants, and businesses that engage in trade, sales, and commerce, several countries have enacted civil codes containing detailed statements of their commercial laws. Get a comprehensive view of the commercial laws and the other laws it interacts with at our upcoming lawyers' summit.



Environmental laws revolve around improving the natural environment while protecting human health. Learn about how different countries are doing their part to protect natural resources and take measures to deal with the law violators. Join in and share how you are making an impact in saving nature as an individual or an organization.



With the legal sector being among the last ones to adopt technology, considering their data privacy and security issues, technology has changed how legal works! Are you ready to learn about how physical files are replaced by cloud data storage and various time-consuming tasks are now automated? This saves their time and energy and allows attorneys to focus on more critical tasks. Learn about the software that is easing the lives of lawyers at our upcoming attorney conference.

Mergers &


Although mergers and acquisitions are used interchangeably, they usually mean different things. Mergers mean when two companies come together, whereas acquisition is when a large company acquires a small one. Learn more about the valuation, types, and forms of integration from the experts at our attorney conference.



For a healthy working environment, labor and employment laws can play an important role by setting boundaries between the employer and its employees, giving them equal opportunities. Learn more about how these laws, when implemented carefully, are essential for the success of an organization.



Considering the situation when children are arrested for doing that aren't even illegal, juvenile justice and children's rights were implemented to protect their rights. Join our legal professionals as we discuss scenarios where children face punishments due to a lack of knowledge about these acts and how we can save them from such situations as a legal community.

Law Of Domestic


Domestic relation refers to the field of family law, which governs relations within a family or household. As the laws amend based on the current status of the families and relationships, join us as we discuss the family laws and their sources. Learn more about how laws are implemented in other countries and how they can control the violence against children and women.

Legal Ethics Of Social


With increased social media usage by SMBs, social media laws related to user-generated content are being implemented. One needs to be aware of the laws associated with privacy, dignity, and authenticity before posting anything online. One can join our upcoming legal conference to learn about social media laws and their impact on one's business.

Fraud And Scam


Fraud and scams cost individuals, businesses, and countries billions of dollars each year, so laws be enacted to prevent it. By bringing experts in the legal field together, conferences like this one help to bring fresh perspectives to this ongoing issue. The discussions that take place here not only create new solutions, but also provide a platform for greater understanding on ways to prevent fraud.