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Being an internationally certified mediator, Roar guides his clients and tailors mediation processes using the intricacies of The Power of Nice® or the unique combined negotiation and neuroscience concept of negotiation with the Brain in MIND®.

  • Role: CEO, Founder & Facilitator
  • Organization: Waegger Negotiation Institute
  • Industry: Legal

Since 2017

Sharing Expertise, Yielding Better Outcomes

Post-Conference Outcomes

Networked with 40-50 experts and returned home with global recognition!

Networking Opportunities
  • He connected with about 40-50 leaders while exchanging his expertise and knowledge with other experts at this legal conference’s networking sessions.
  • His efforts and tremendous contributions to the legal world were recognized by the Law 2.0 Conference on its global stage.
  • Roar shared his vision, objectives, and perspectives before a 300+ legal audience, leading to various new collaborations.

Numbers that matter!

  • 200+ Visionaries
  • 40+ Sessions
  • 20+ Exhibitors
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Roar Thun Waegger

Law 2.0 – One-Stop Platform For Legal Experts Like Roar

Roar's experience at the Law 2.0 Conference was transformational. He had access to like-minded legal professionals from around the world, which allowed him to gain a global perspective on legal trends and best practices. Furthermore, he got the opportunity to benchmark his organization’s performance while connecting with experts, ranging from lawyers and LegalTech vendors, to senior partners and policymakers.

Roar is a Harvard PON and Pepperdine Straus Institute-trained negotiator, mediator, and conflict resolution specialist. He is also a Singapore International Mediation Institute accredited civil/commercial mediator, a certified UK civil/commercial mediator, and a certified mediator by the Norwegian Bar Association. Law 2.0 Conference provided the perfect backdrop for the beginning of several collaborations for this award-winning visionary.

Gain Valuable Connections Like This Expert Mediator

Just like Roar Thunn Waegger unveiled the extraordinary benefits of being a part of this legal event, are you ready to explore what this conference has to offer? If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, delve into the legal industry's latest trends and approaches, connect closely with award-winning leaders, and stay ahead of your competitors, do register for the Law 2.0 Conference’s next edition.

Law 2.0 Conference - From Connections To Successful Collaborations!

Be a part of powerful collaborations and broaden your law firm’s client base by attending the Law 2.0 Conference.

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