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With the Law 2.0 Conference being an in-person event, we would like to assure you that we are taking all essential COVID-19 protocols and precautions in accordance with the regulations set by the state authorities. Know More

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1. What is the Law 2.0 Conference?

The Law 2.0 Conference attracts global legal and finance community leaders under one roof. It is where legal & finance experts, startups, investors, and tech leaders come together to create a new vision for firms in the 21st century. The three-day event will weigh in on new policies, investment models, how to attract better cases, the evolving legal landscape and the economy, and much more.

At the same time, the Law 2.0 Conference will also highlight the latest anti-scam and fraud trends that will assist firms in dominating the current market, providing professionals with the chance to learn from the finest and increase their legal experience and financial know-how.

2. When is the Law 2.0 Conference’s Winter Edition taking place?

The Law 2.0 Conference will be held at the Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, USA, on July 10–12, 2023.

3. Why should I attend this conference?

Here are a few reasons why you should look forward to the upcoming conference for lawyers, investors, economists, and financial analysts:

  • You get unique experiences and educational possibilities with a specialized exhibition space, networking chances, and sessions packed with information.
  • Expert speakers will teach you how to construct a persuasive legal argument. You may also receive a close-up of the most recent developments in the LegalTech and the FinTech industry.
  • Within the course of three days, identify developing practice areas for you and your organization to combat legal fraud while marketing your firm on a worldwide platform.
4. What is the agenda of this conference?

The mission of the Law 2.0 Conference is to encourage collaborations and facilitate the exploration of modern developments in law and finance-related fields while also educating professionals on what is new, trending, and controversial in the legal and finance world today.

  • The Law 2.0 Conference will explore hot subjects in various formats, such as panel discussions and keynotes with specially selected speakers.
  • Eminent speakers from various fields will present their research and findings at our upcoming law conference in Las Vegas.
  • Criminal law, fraud and sociological trends that will affect the legal industry, workflow automation tactics to develop your practice, the impact of technology, and current legal concerns to combat fraud in any organization are some of the subjects covered in the agenda.

Select USA to view our carefully-curated agenda.

5. How much is the registration fee?

Go to the “Buy Pass” page for pricing information.

6. How can I purchase the Delegate Pass?

Delegate passes for the Law 2.0 Conference are available at the event location and on our websites and other official online domains. Please exercise caution while purchasing Law 2.0 Conference’s tickets and paying for them to prevent being taken advantage of by fraudsters who hawk fake passes to such an eminent event.

7. What happens after I purchase the pass?

The Law 2.0 Conference starts the confirmation process right after you complete payment to purchase the delegate pass. You'll receive an email with a payment confirmation within 24 to 48 hours.

Note: You must keep track of all the transactions in case you need them in the future.

8. Do I have to pay for each session separately?

No, you are not required to pay for each session that the upcoming lawyer conference, the Law 2.0 Conference, has to offer. You can attend our speaker sessions, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, coffee breaks, luncheons, networking events, exhibition booths, and much more with just one Delegate Pass, which is an all-inclusive pass!

9. What does this legal conference’s recognition program have to offer?

The Law 2.0 Conference aims to recognize the extraordinary efforts of those who have gone above and beyond their line of obligation to bring about change in the sector. Think your work needs to be highlighted? Feel free to register your interest here.

10. Can I attend the Law 2.0 Conference virtually?

You can, of course! On our Law 2.0 Conference YouTube Channel, we have presented all the details you could need to attend the legal conference virtually. Click here.

11. What if I cannot make it to the conference? Will I get a refund in that case?

Tickets for the Law 2.0 Conference are non-refundable. However, the team will assess each refund request individually. Depending on the uniqueness of the situation, we reserve the right to confirm or refuse the requests. Additionally, if a stranger not associated with the conference tries to sell you a pass to the legal conference and promises a 100% refund even in the event of a last-minute cancellation, consider it a scam! As soon as you encounter such unbelievable deals made in our name, get in touch with our experts.

12. I want to attend the event as a speaker. Can you please tell me the procedure?

The Law 2.0 Conference's upcoming event has a fantastic line-up of speakers that will provide insight into some of the legal sector's most critical issues. You can join the force, too, by sharing your interest in becoming our keynote speaker or panelist here.

13. Can I get help as I want to exhibit my product or law firm’s offerings at the conference?

Through its exhibition booths, our legal conference will offer a platform for you to advertise your product or service to a group of people who are in “buy” mode. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have queries about setting up your exhibition booth at the Law 2.0 Conference.

14. How can I become a Law 2.0 Conference Sponsor?

Contact us and let us guide you through our several sponsorship packages and their availability at the time. Also, please do not fall prey to phishing spam, which will lure you into buying tickets at much lower prices in the name of the Law 2.0 Conference. At the same time, it will also highlight the latest anti-scam and fraud trends that will assist law firms in dominating the current market, providing professionals with the chance to learn from the finest and increase their legal experience.

15. Can I get detailed information about the Sponsorship packages?

To be precise, we have Silver, Gold, and Platinum Sponsor packages, depending on your preference and suitability. Talk to us to learn more about the packages!

16. I need specific questions answered! Whom should I contact?

You can refer to this number if you have any queries related to the conference: 346-226-6140. Or, you can drop an email at [email protected].