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Mary L. Jones has been establishing a model for how unemployed heads of households can find work based on their abilities, skills, and prior experience.

  • Role: Executive Director
  • Organization: AGORA Community Services Corporation
  • Industry: Legal


Years Of Community Service

Post Conference Outcomes

Made 25+ Potential Connections

  • Mary believes that being at the conference helped her firm’s mission of connecting the legal industry with the public housing industry.
  • She participated in the conference as a speaker and panelist to share her views on various subjects and promote her campaigns before a global audience.
  • She made 25+ ideal connections with fellow attendees by the end of this three-day legal conference.

Numbers That Inspire Us!

  • 2000+ Record Breaking Footfall
  • 40+ Participating Countries
  • 35+ Partnerships
Mary L. Jones

Discussions That Will Shape Our Future

Mary L. Jones attended the USA’ 22 edition of the Law 2.0 Conference with a mission to collaborate with for-profit organizations and explore how their services can improve families and communities and bridge the gaps within the legal services and housing industry. She was one of the panelists who shared her immense expertise on the topic, “What Do Our Clients Want? Understanding And Managing 21st Century Clients.” Upon the event’s conclusion, Mary bagged 25+ connections, a few collaborations, and the title of "Outstanding Leadership Award" honoree from the conference.

At the conference, Mary also learned how collaborations could help people get the tools and resources they need to make legal decisions. In addition to this, the conference’s personalized marketing campaigns were a valuable addition to her mission of reaching out to more people.

Believer of John C Maxwell’s quote, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way,” Mary L. Jones is truly an inspiring personality for those who look forward to making a change in society.

Law 2.0 Conference — Providing A Platform To Leaders

Law 2.0 Conference is more than building business; it is about developing networks whose mission and vision resonate with yours. Like Mary, you can also find like-minded individuals at the upcoming edition of our event!

Law 2.0 Conference believes that a thirst for knowledge is an investment promising positive future returns. In short, if you have a mission like Mary had, you can make the most of our conference and be back with several connections, collaborations, and partnerships!

Get Motivated & Motivate Others

Law 2.0 Conference unites industry leaders so they can exchange ideas, vision, and words with each other to bring change in the legal world and society as a whole.

Are You Interested?

The three-day Law 2.0 Conference aims to bring the best minds in the field together under one roof to improve the world's healthcare system. Like our experts, you can influence change while expanding your network. Call us right now to get more details!