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Be recognized

Be Recognized

Legal professionals are upholders of law — they play an indispensable role as they protect the rights and individual liberties of citizens. Similarly, the finance industry helps keep people financially secure by providing useful tools like loans and savings accounts. By providing this assistance, bankers and financial professionals can ensure that everyone has access to basic needs like housing and healthcare no matter how much money they make per year or where they live geographically; this helps reduce inequality by ensuring that everyone has equal access to similar goods and services no matter what income level or social class they fall into.

In this space, a few luminaries have stood out for rewriting business models and introducing new policies to suit the evolving contours of the economy and the global legal landscape. The commitment and dedication of experts in this noble profession to furthering public good have earned them the respect and admiration of the world, including that of our upcoming law conference.

The Law 2.0 Conference seeks to applaud the incredible initiatives of those who have gone beyond their call of duty to usher in a change in these industries. With this ambitious goal in mind, we have launched a one-of-a-kind awards & recognition session to shine a light on leading experts and rising stars who continue to raise the bar with their groundbreaking work.

The advantages of being a finalist include:
  • Being honored before eminent legal experts on our global platform
  • Live streaming of the awards ceremony
  • Dedicated marketing campaigns and mentions on the conference website
  • The Law 2.0 Conference’s Seal Of Recognition
  • Interviews and press releases highlighting your accomplishments.

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