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Jash has demonstrated competitive, competent, and versatile legal counsel skills for almost six years. His team represents companies and individuals and initiates proceedings involving banks, financial institutions, borrowers, and guarantors in various courts across India, including the National Company Law Tribunal (Mumbai & Chennai) and Debt Recovery Tribunals.

He is a Partner at Palladium Legal, a boutique law firm with a global presence. He recently became a "Top 50 Legal Falcon for 2021" at the Lex Falcon Conference in Dubai. In addition, he has been featured on the cover pages of various legal, financial, and allied magazines.

Reviews His Time At Law 2.0 Conference

In his video interview, Jash shares his fantastic experience at the conference, where he gained valuable insights and knowledge about the latest developments in the legal industry. Not only did he attend the Law 2.0 Conference’s sessions, but he also attended networking events as well, making the experience even more enjoyable. Overall, Jash J. Dalia's review showcases the exciting and informative nature of the Law 2.0 Conference, and it is worth considering for anyone interested in the legal field.