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Henzie Healley, a qualified common law lawyer, resides in Dubai and caters to clients globally, providing exceptional legal services. She completed her Business Management studies in Canada and earned an LLB with honors from New Zealand's renowned institution.

In 2019, she established her legal consultancy and ventured into the organic paint industry, which has achieved remarkable success and rapid growth. After a de-merger, her consultancy has been rebranded as The Counsel Services (TCS), a registered corporate service provider and legal consultancy striving to revolutionize corporate and legal service delivery.

Reviews The Law 2.0 Conference

Henzie Healley's Law 2.0 Conference review is very positive. She mentions that she met many great like-minded people from the education and law sectors. She highlights the value of networking and connecting with others with similar interests and goals. Henzie found the conference to be a great learning experience and was impressed by the quality of the speakers and presentations. Overall, she highly recommends attending the Law 2.0 Conference to anyone looking to expand their legal industry knowledge and connect with other professionals.