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Esther Ong is the Senior Partner at Messrs. Esther Ong Tengku Saiful & Sree. She started her legal career in 1995 and established her law firm, ETS, in 1999.

With 27 years of experience in various legal domains, including intellectual property, commercial law, employment law, property and assets, and family law, her firm has received recognition from the Legal 500 Law Firms in Asia Pacific.

Also, her firm was a finalist for several categories at the ALB Southeast Asia and Malaysia awards in 2022, including Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year, Intellectual Property Law, and Dispute Resolution Boutique Law Firm of the Year.

Law 2.0 Interview With Esther Ong

In this interview, Esther highlights the benefits of attending such events, including the opportunity to meet new people and gain a deeper understanding of our legal issues. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the legal industry and encourages others to attend similar conferences in the future. Overall, Esther found the Law 2.0 Conference a valuable experience and recommended it to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of the legal field.