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Edith Nordmann is the Managing Partner and Attorney at Law at ACG International. She is an experienced corporate and commercial litigator with an expert employment law qualification and an international ADR-certified mediator.

She possesses profound expertise in enabling cross-border business dealings, equipped with a comprehensive comprehension of various legal systems and cultural variations that may significantly affect the triumph of a transaction. In addition to her professional proficiency, she has shared her expertise as a public speaker at various international conferences.

Her extensive local knowledge and international networks across various practice areas and borders enable her to assist her clients in closing deals and finding solutions that align with their needs.

Fluent in German (her native language), English, Dutch, French, and Italian, and possessing a deep understanding of the differences in mentality, culture, and legal systems across multiple countries and cultures, Edith can provide her clients with unique and valuable assistance.

Apart from her professional career, she is actively involved in charitable and social organizations, utilizing her professional expertise to empower others in their endeavors.

Reviews on Attending
Law 2.0 Conference!

Edith offers a detailed and thorough review of her experience at the Law 2.0 Conference in this video. She shares her perspective on the different speakers, workshops, and event discussions, providing insightful thoughts and opinions on the topics discussed. Edith's review highlights the importance of collaboration among industry professionals in driving innovation and positive change in the legal landscape. Through her experience at the Law 2.0 Conference, she gained a deeper understanding of the industry and shared valuable takeaways for those interested in keeping up with the latest developments.