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  • Why Tech In Law Is The New Norm?

    Posted on : September 08, 2022

    It's quite evident that technology is reshaping the legal profession. Online research databases have largely replaced law books, digital contracts have returned paper copies, and many other innovations have transformed the legal industry. Read More

  • Are Antitrust Regulations Stifling Innovation?

    Posted on : August 31, 2022

    Innovation is often cited as one of the greatest drivers of economic growth. But what happens when innovation runs into regulation? Antitrust laws and regulations have long been a controversial area of law, as it frequently pits one grou. Read More

  • Lawyers' Mental Health Crisis Remains Unsolved – Upcoming Attorney Conferences To Address The Issue

    Posted on : August 26, 2022

    Working long hours and dealing with high-stress cases comes with an occupational hazard – and it’s an occupational hazard that isn’t going away anytime soon. A recent study found that nearly half of the country’s lawyers have a mental he. Read More

  • Optimizing Your LegalTech Toolkit

    Posted on : August 18, 2022

    How to succeed in a law firm in the coming years? As the world is recovering from the pandemic, it is now more critical than ever for lawyers to stay informed about legal technology trends that they should consider adopting in their priv. Read More

  • Speculating the Pandemic & Its Impact on the Legal Sector

    Posted on : August 03, 2022

    It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on every walk of life, and the legal sector is no exception. When talking fundamentally, COVID-19 has drastically changed the legal and social order. In such . Read More