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  • Law 2.0 Conference Reviews The Big 3 Antitrust Laws Of USA

    Posted on : October 07, 2022

    Every country has rules to direct and regulate the process by which businesses operate to prevent illicit activities against consumers. These laws aim to provide equal opportunity for similar businesses that function under a specific ind. Read More

  • Cancel Culture & Social Media As Judge, Jury, And Executioner

    Posted on : October 06, 2022

    Social media and 'cancel culture,' fueled by online tabloids, are conducting media trials. Although determining guilt outside of courtrooms is not new, the ease with which media outlets can pursue people online is somewhat unique. This w. Read More

  • Smart Contracts & The Legal Landscape

    Posted on : September 29, 2022

    Legal technology and digital transformation have altered the relationship between clients and law firms in light of technological advancements. With the grey areas between digital and law, there is a lack of qualified lawyers in this fie. Read More

  • Project Management Tips To Improve Your Legal Workflow

    Posted on : September 20, 2022

    We've all heard about the fundamental responsibilities of a project manager. A project manager's responsibilities include project management, task assignment, team management, and project implementation.

    The skills and talent t. Read More

  • Why Tech In Law Is The New Norm?

    Posted on : September 08, 2022

    It's quite evident that technology is reshaping the legal profession. Online research databases have largely replaced law books, digital contracts have returned paper copies, and many other innovations have transformed the legal industry. Read More