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Law2Conf 2022 - We Go Live This Winter!

The legal industry continues to evolve, making it even more essential for legal professionals to learn and grow. This is where our upcoming conference for lawyers can help!

The main motive of the Law 2.0 Conference is to provide a platform for researchers and legal practitioners—whether from academia or industry—to share their valuable ideas and knowledge regarding the recent developments and trends in the field of law.

What’s Law 2.0 Conference’s Objective?

The Winter Edition of our Law 2.0 Conference intends to provide an opportunity for hundreds of the most eminent leaders in the legal profession to learn new business strategies, establish new contacts, and experience tech solutions.

In addition to providing a platform for networking to students, researchers, and judicatures of the law fraternity from around the world, our three-day legal conference in 2022 will also facilitate the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and action-oriented research.

Key Takeaways From Our Upcoming Conference For Lawyers

Let’s start and delve deeper into the valuable opportunities that you can seek from the much-awaited employment and labor law conferences scheduled for this winter in Las Vegas and Dubai:

Learning Opportunities:

You get to rejoice in the opportunities along with 300+ other attendees by participating in the 30+ thoughtfully curated sessions, all of which help you explore the undiscovered dynamics of the field. From panel discussions on the trending subjects in the legal ecosystem to enlightening speaker sessions, you get to bag a lot of information that will positively impact your leadership and decision-making skills.

Immense Networking Opportunities:

The Law 2.0 Conference is an internationally recognized conference that unites all relevant players and leaders of the industry under one roof for networking and for learning business skills from the most innovative and inspiring organizations across the globe.

Exhibition & Sponsorship Opportunities:

Promising start-ups and firms have been invited to showcase their products before active buyers. You, too, can grab an exhibitor pass and set up your booth to highlight your brand before hundreds of potential researchers, policymakers, and decision-makers. Or, you can attend the conference as an investor and invest in a proposal that you think can be groundbreaking for the legal fraternity.

Recognition Opportunities:

The spotlight awaits a chosen few at the Law 2.0 Conference! This year, the three-day conference for lawyers will recognize a few leading minds for their selfless contributions to rewriting legal practice models and for safeguarding the citizens’ rights. If you think your organization and accomplishments deserve acknowledgment, refer to this page.

Need More Information?

The Law 2.0 Conference is a valuable platform to unite customers and prospects while offering you the opportunity to reflect upon key solutions that are ready to be implemented in real-time! If you want to be the first to get all the relevant information and passes, follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As the manager of Law 2.0’s USA team, Vibha is responsible for maintaining delegate relations and helping them navigate through the registration process. The Law 2.0 Conference offers an expert review of the evolving legal landscape and focuses on emerging technologies, as well as highlights scam/fraud prevention strategies for lawyers.